Fish & Tin & Copper


There’s something magical about Cornwall, you don’t really believe places like that exist, not until you get out there and see them for yourself. Untouched coastline stretching for miles, rugged cliffs tumbling into the vast Atlantic Ocean, tiny fishing villages nestled in between. We rented a car for a few weeks and drove from town to town, hours on the road tend to blur together, but I keep the memories in snapshots along the way.

Jamming the stick into first gear, pedal to the floor, our little car struggling up narrow one-lane roads lined with wildflowers. On the way down the hills the earth unfurled before us, shades of blue, on hazy days we didn’t know whether we were looking out at the ocean or the sky. Our legs aching as we walked those hilly streets later, but it was always worth it for a Cornish pasty, or fish & chips caught fresh that morning.

port isaac
golden hour in port isaac
street number in port isaac
storefront in port isaac
fishermen in port isaac
fishermen’s gear in port isaac

Low tide - walking out into the bay, a graveyard of lobster traps and stranded fishing boats, air hanging heavy with the smell of salt. Fishermen in bright yellow overalls, loading their trucks and tossing crabs back and forth on the pier. High tide - sitting on a bench, listening as the waves lap at our feet, watching the dogs chase the seagulls. The endless cawing of the birds, bouncing off the water below.

tide times book in port isaac
high tide in port isaac
low tide in port isaac
port isaac
seagull in port isaac
port isaac coastal walk
Peter and the port isaac coast
snail in port isaac
poppies in port isaac
port isaac flowers portrait
queen anne’s lace in port isaac
flowers in port isaac

Coastal walks, the sound of the surf. Wildflowers and weeds stretching for miles behind you, and in front of you, nothing but the ocean as far as you can see. 

Land’s End, England
st michaels mount
hiking in tintagel
picturesque town of mousehole
me in mousehole
shopping for shells in mousehole
meter in mousehole
boats in mousehole

Surfing at Fistral Beach, sand between our toes, immediately regretting our decision not to rent boots - the shore was rocky and the water was cold as ice. Golden hour in St. Ives, a rainbow of boats arranged in the bay. Fresh crab in Port Isaac. Cream tea in the afternoon - jam on bottom, clotted cream on top, Cornish style.

fistral beach sign in newquay
fistral beach
fisherman hutch in st ives
a portrait of P in st. ives, england
golden hour in st ives
sunset in st ives
st. ives
boats in the dock in st. ives
BLUE hour in st. ives
walking along the camel estuary in padstow
crate container in padstow
some beach detail in padstow
lizard point cliff
what a comfortable rock lol
blurry portrait of me
rocks at lizard point
lizard portrait
lizard point cliffs
shoes at lizard point

I think I leave a bit of my heart everywhere we go, but one of the biggest pieces so far, I’ve left in Cornwall.