Life's a Beach

Happy place sign in Cambodia

We’d never had a proper beach vacation before. We’d been to beaches, of course, but it’s always been just a day-trip, or when we’d had other responsibilities too. We got married on the beach, but even then our honeymoon suite was a damn camper van. We’d come to Cambodia via a night bus from Ho Chi Minh City, and spent a few nights in Phnom Penh before heading to the coast - we were only planning on staying in Sihanoukville and Otres Village, but we kept hearing how beautiful the islands were, and how we just had to get ourselves out on the water. It was spur-of-the-moment, but it turns out a private bungalow on an island is still cheaper than rent in Chicago, so we packed up our backpacks and hopped on a ferry. We spent one week in Koh Rong Sanloem, a tiny island just two miles wide and six miles long.

Sweet time boat
Hammocks over water
Flowers in Cambodia
Hiding in hammock Cambodia
In hammock beach Cambodia
Seashells in a row
Hostel sign in Cambodia
Swinging on the beach in Cambodia
hermit crab in Cambodia
Hermit crab Cambodia

The Cambodian islands haven’t been hit hard by tourism yet, so the white beaches outside our door were practically empty. We spent each day swimming in the clear blue waves, accidentally swallowing way too much salt water, and listening to the palm trees. We’d take long walks in the sand and play with all the stray dogs along the way, and get curries from the little old lady cooking out of a shack a little ways inland. We’ve been on the road a while now, and amidst all the new countries, people, and experiences, it was truly nice to slow things down.

Starry skies in Cambodia
Watery beach in Cambodia
Hands out of water
falling underwater
Water splash in Cambodia
Fern face in Cambodia
Swing on the beach
Puppy on the beach in Cambodia
Cute puppy in Cambodia
Cute dog on the beach
Dog on the beach
Sunrise on the beach
sunrise in Cambodia
Beach sunrise water
Beach and boat in Cambodia