London Calling

The view from London Bridge
A statue near Trafalgar square
Union jack flying in England near Trafalgar Square!

I was excited for London, we’d been living out of a trailer in rural Ireland for the past month or so and were itching for a change of pace. We touched down into Heathrow with just around a week to explore, though we knew it wouldn’t be nearly enough. Three days on our feet exploring was time to tick most big things off my list - Buckingham Palace, Houses of Parliament, the Globe Theater. The London Eye and Big Ben (even though it was under construction). Hours just wandering, people-watching at Convent Garden, window-shopping in Notting Hill, sipping coffees from Borough Market, winding through quiet, ivy-covered mews.

Borough market
Crown and Anchor pub
Hello from England! In front of tower bridge
Ivy-colored building
Walking through the mews
Cute doors in the alley of mews
Grey mew
Pink mew
Mews on St Lukes
St Lukes Mews

We stayed in the city but ended up spending much more time outside of it than in. We took a day trip to Stonehenge, and walked along the chalk-white Cliffs of Dover set against a cerulean sea. Afternoon tea in Canterbury, paying homage to Shakespeare’s birthplace with a play in Stratford-upon-Avon (we saw a gender-reversal rendition of The Taming of the Shrew). A day trip to Oxford, where we wandered through colleges steeped in history, and drank at the same old pubs that J.R.R. Tolkien used to. My favorite might have been Cambridge, learning about all the scientific discoveries that were made there, and listening to the choral evensong in King’s College - sitting in the choral stalls and listening to the psalm being sung, echoing purely in the halls and stained-glass windows of a 500-year-old-cathedral - it was truly one of the most breathtaking experiences we’ve had to date.

Stonehenge was beautiful
me in front of Stonehenge
Dover Castle
Walking around in green Dover
Top of Canterbury Castle
Castle in canterbury
white cliffs of dover
Beautiful cliffs of Dover!!
Flowers and the white cliffs of Dover
portrait in the white-cliffs
Beautiful cliffs of Dover
cliffs of dover again
cliffs of dover
Picturesque building in Oxford
Looking at the ivy covered buildings in Oxford
Flowers coming out of the cracks in the walls
roses in oxford
ivy covered building in oxford
Rose in Oxford
Traditional afternoon cream tea in Stratford-upon-Avon
mathematical bridge in Cambridge
Inside Canterbury cathedral
building in cambridge
Building in oxford
chronophayge in cambridge
Window in Canterbury cathedral
windows in cambridge
Punting in cambridge

Peter has some family in England - first-cousins once-removed to be exact, and we met up with them for dinner in Coventry. They ended up inviting us to their caravan in a rural part of north Wales for the long weekend, and even though we hadn’t been planning on leaving England just yet, we knew we had to go with them.