My Goodness, My Guinness!


We were back stateside for almost two months, seven weeks to be exact. In between Michigan, Chicago, and Nashville, we mainly spent our time visiting family and friends, hanging out with our dog, and eating at all the American restaurants we’d been missing for so long. We also spent a bit just figuring out our own shit too, how long we wanted to keep bumming around abroad, when we wanted to join the workforce again. We set a couple plans in motion and realized we could still do them from the road, so we booked a few tickets and we were off again, this time to Ireland. I’m not really sure why we chose Ireland, neither of us had been there before and the timing just seemed to work out with a couple farmstays we wanted to do. 

We flew from Chicago to Dublin, we’ve gotten so used to flying now that the seven hour flight felt like nothing. My backpack felt heavier though, it had been a while since I’d had to drag it around and I’d have to get used to this again. Despite the jet lag and aching shoulders, it just felt good to be back abroad.

A blue door in Dublin
White door in Dublin
Brown door in Dublin
A yellow door in Dublin
A red door in Dublin
Another blue door in Dublin

After a few days in Dublin (consisting mainly of touring the Guinness factory, seeing the Book of Kells, and rowdy Irish pubs) we moved west slowly - Dungloe was our final destination but we wanted to take our time exploring along the way. We spent a night in Athlone, a small town that boasts being home to the world’s oldest Irish pub (est. 900 AD). We crowded into bar seats under low ceilings, with dim lights and where the Guinness taps flowed like water.  We concluded that yes, the Guinness really does taste better in Ireland, but just to be sure we had a very large sample size.

The oldest bar in the world - Sean’s Bar, Athlone
The beautiful trinity library in Dublin
Having a Guinness at the St. James Brewery in Dublin!
Trinity Library

We spent a couple nights in Galway too, and a day drive to the Cliffs of Moher. It was a sunny day and we heard that’s rare in Ireland, we meandered along those emerald cliffs for hours, seagulls circling the rocks below, dotting the vast blue ocean with flecks of white. We’ve been lucky enough to check a lot of things off our bucket list in the past year, and seeing the Cliffs of Moher was one of the few that was better than we could have hoped. 

Cliffs of Moher overlook
Cliffs of Moher
Windy day at the cliffs
Hand-knit scarf in Moher
Pink flower in the Cliffs of Moher
Ladybug in Moher
wild atlantic way
Looking towards the cliffs
Another windy shot looking out at the cliffs
More fields
yellow, not my jacket this time!
Cheesin at the cliffs
Wild atlantic Ocean

We’re continuing off the beaten path a bit as we head up to County Donegal, we’ve committed the next month or so to volunteering in an Irish-speaking community there and we’re excited to see what else the Emerald Isle has in store - it’s been good to us so far. 

Beautiful Galway